Our Vision

Long-term responsible investor in Africa

Africa has become one of the world’s top growth areas. Its major demographic, urban and revenue shift brings considerable investment opportunities. The Continent now represents the world’s next growth frontier.

Experience and facts show that Africa presents positive returns and lower risks than those captured by the financial markets. But the continent’s very specific mix of high risks and strong potential still makes it a complicated destination for investors: despite the recent introduction of major international financial institutions in the Continent, its financial sector lacks long-term and responsible investors, committed to the development of its private sector.

In this context, Amethis started its activities in December 2012 and has since then raised over USD 500 million in investment capacity, making it one of the leading investment funds entirely dedicated to long-term responsible financing in Africa.

Amethis aims to reconcile private finance and ethics by combining strict financial standards and results with development, social and environmental assessment tools.