Amethis Finance: long-term responsible investor for Africa

Africa has become one of the world’s top growth areas. Its major demographic, urban and revenue shift brings considerable investment opportunities. Africa represents the world’s next growth frontier.

Experience and facts show positive returns and lower risks than those captured by the financial markets, but a very specific mix of high risks and strong potential still makes Africa a complicated destination for investors. As a result, the continent financial sector is left open for the creation of long-term responsible investors.

After decades of successful investments in Africa both in debt and equity, the founders Luc Rigouzzo and Laurent Demey, partnered with la Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild to create a differentiated approach from traditional private equity funds that can be a game changer in the African financial industry. They aim to build a private financial company specializing in long-term responsible financing in Africa.

Amethis wants to reconcile private finance and ethics by combining strict financing and private equity standards with development, social and environmental assessment tools.

Amethis started its activities in December 2012 with an initial investment capacity of USD330m in equity and long-term debt.

A unique model

Amethis engages into long-term relationships with key clients by providing them a comprehensive financing offer.

Amethis Finance is a “one stop shop” which provides all long-term financial instruments (long-term debt, equity investment and arrangement capacity), with high objectives in terms of development, social and environmental criteria as well as governance.

It adds on this differentiated strategy a long term perspective thanks to its objective of creating an unlimited life structure, which is hardly available in the market today, besides the Development Finance community.

Partnerships shape Amethis’ uniqueness. Amethis is at the center of a Pan-African community of long-term investors and business partners from Africa, Europe, MENA area, the US and Emerging countries, offering a strong project sourcing capacity.

Benefiting from Africa’s growth implies being diversified and able to enter any sector. However, four priority sectors match Africa’s bottlenecks and Amethis team’s expertise: financial services, Manufacture and services driven by urban consumption, agribusiness, and energy.